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The physical demands of gardening, keeping the gutters clear, and house cleaning, are physical impossibilities for many people with disabilities.

Fortunately, there are some circumstances where NDIS will fund a gardener, cleaner, or home handyman, but conditions do apply. This article will go over how the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can help with your home maintenance.

Does NDIS provide financial assistance for home maintenance?

Yes, the NDIS can assist with financing a gardener, a cleaning service, and home maintenance. However, funds will only be available for what is reasonable and necessary, and only if they are applicable to your disability.

For example, if your disability makes it impossible to do home maintenance like cleaning the gutters or mowing the lawn, the NDIS can provide financial assistance for hiring a business to do those tasks. When a person without a disability would need to hire a specialist, like an Adelaide painter or electrician, NDIS assistance will not be available.

How to hire a home handyman with NDIS

You can access gardeners, cleaners, and home handymen who haven’t registered with the NDIS, provided your NDIS funds are plan or self-managed. Here are a few things to know when hiring an Adelaide home handyman to do work around your home.

The NDIS will only pay for the work if you are unable to do it yourself and it does not require the services of a trained professional, such as an electrician or plumber. Your NDIS contact or partner can help connect you with reputable local handymen and trade businesses.

However, you can still access services that are not registered with NDIS if have a budget allocated in your plan or if it’s self-managed. The following tips will help you hire a service for maintenance work around your home.

Always get a service agreement: You should always have an agreement that clearly states what services are being rendered. It’s a simple document that will help avoid any confusion.

Ensure you are invoiced at an hourly rate: The NDIS will only pay for invoices from gardeners and cleaners that charge at an hourly rate. Incidental costs will need to get added to the hourly rate so it will qualify for payment. Even though you are paying by the hour, you should still insist on a fixed price before work starts.

When you are prevented from doing regular chores around your home because of a disability, NDIS may be able to help.

Did you know Adelaide Home Repairs works in the aged care space?

Tim Wright and his team can assist you with a range of internal and outdoor property maintenance services across Adelaide. They pride themselves on offering value, quality, and peace of mind for special needs and aged homeowners, including support for NDIS and My Aged Care.

Find out more about how Tim can help with aged care services right here.

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