Adelaide Home Care Tips

Adelaide Home Care Tips – How to Clean and Prevent Mould in Your Bathroom

Keep your bathroom clean with these tips

There’s no getting around it; mould spores always surround us. Fortunately, they are rarely a problem in normal circumstances. However, when conditions are right, mould spores can quickly grow out of control to the point where they pose a severe health issue, especially in moist household environments like the bathroom. Use these tips from a professional Adelaide home handyman to prevent and eradicate mould in your bathroom.

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gutters leaking

Adelaide Home Repairs – 5 Reasons My Gutters Are Leaking

Discover why your gutters are leaking

Gutters are a critical part of your home’s infrastructure because they divert rainwater away from the house to prevent damage from pooling moisture. Unfortunately, gutters are not something we think about regularly, so we often neglect them to the point of disrepair.

Here are five reasons why your Adelaide home gutters might be leaking and what you can do about it.

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Door repair Adelaide

Adelaide Handyman Tips – 4 Ways to Improve Resale Value of Your Adelaide Home

Improving the resale value of your home

Our homes are constantly subjected to wear and tear both internally and externally, which means they need regular maintenance and updates to prevent them from degrading into a state of disrepair.

Whether you aim to sell your home soon or plan on staying for the long-term, regular repairs, maintenance, and upgrades are an excellent way to ensure your home’s value is always on the rise.

Use these ideas from an Adelaide home handyman to start improving your property.

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Adelaide painting

Adelaide Painting Tips – Best Paint Brands

Which paint brand is best for my Adelaide property?

When most people think of painting their home indoors or outdoors, their primary focus is on colours. However, there are different paints for different areas of the house.

If you or your favourite Adelaide home handyman are painting your home’s exterior, you need to select paints created for that purpose. Outdoor paints leave a durable coating that will resist the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Specialised paints for bathroom ceilings resist mould, and if you are starting from the base material, you will need an undercoat as well.

Now that you know a little about the different types of paints, it’s time to learn more about the popular brands around Australia and what makes them stand out.

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Painter Mawson Lakes

Adelaide Pre-Sale Home Painting Tips

Painting is the quickest way to increase the value of your Adelaide property

When you are preparing to sell your home in Adelaide, one of the easiest, quickest and cheapest ways to boost your asking price is to add a fresh coat of paint. Old, tired-looking paint can make walls look grimy, and the colour selection may make the home look out of date and unappealing.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider calling an Adelaide home painting service to help you get your home ready for a sale.

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Gutter Cleaning in Adelaide

5 Signs Your Gutters Need Cleaning

About your gutters…

Gutter cleaning is one of those jobs many of us keep putting off until next weekend, and then that turns into next month and so on and so forth. Pretty soon, you have neglected your gutters for months, and it’s reached a critical mass where something needs to be done and quick.

Here are a few signs from an Adelaide handyman that your gutters need to be cleaned out yesterday.

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Home Improvement Ideas in Adelaide

5 Pet-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas in Adelaide

Home improvements that are safe for your pets

All of the Adelaide homes I work in and around are built around regulations designed to keep people comfortable and safe. However, pets rarely get the same level of consideration.

People who love their pets want to make sure their furry companions are just as comfortable and safe as the people. Fortunately, as an Adelaide handyman, I have plenty of ideas you can use to create pet-friendly improvements.

Here are five you can easily add to your home.

Pet friendly home improvements

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Door repair Adelaide

Aged Care Services Adelaide – Why Working With a Trusted Handyman Matters

Protecting our aged community at home

Getting older significantly affects our mobility. When you lose mobility or have special needs, it can make many of the jobs around the house you once found easy a lot more difficult, if not impossible.

You still have your independence, but sometimes you need a helping hand with the more physically demanding household tasks. Fortunately, an Adelaide handyman can help you keep your home in good order, but you need to find one you can trust.

Here are just a few of the jobs your Adelaide handyman can help you with and how you can make sure you only work with the best.

  • Gutter and deck cleaning, general outdoor maintenance
  • Painting doors and rooms
  • Flyscreen repairs and replacement
  • Fixing leaky taps
  • Internal home repairs and fixing broken items
  • Wall mounting flat-screen TVs and furniture assembly.

Aged Care Services Adelaide

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Flyscreen Adelaide

Best Type of Flyscreens to Buy in Adelaide

Flyscreens are a reliable way in keeping bugs out

If you are anything like me, there’s not much you find more annoying than flies buzzing around your food while you are trying to relax inside your home.

Mosquitos invading your home at night can make life uncomfortable, and bites from these pests can also be a health hazard. There’s no telling who or what was the mosquito’s last meal, but you can bet it’s carrying an army of germs that can potentially make you sick.

Spraying insecticides at every flying pest is not the most convenient solution, especially if you are sensitive to chemicals. Flyscreens are the only reliable solution for keeping all flying pests out of your home.

They are an attractive solution that gives you 24/7 protection against pests. You can leave your windows open and enjoy the cool breezes without having to keep the aerosol spray on standby.

You may think one flyscreen is much the same as any other, but there are many options available. If you are considering adding flyscreens to your home, here are the best types of flyscreens on the market.

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Flyscreen Adelaide

Where to Buy Flyscreens in Adelaide SA

Flyscreens are a eco-friendly solution to bugs

Winter is almost over, and the warm weather is starting to bring the inevitable invasion of pesky flies landing on food and mosquitos inflicting their itchy bites. Many Adelaide residents will be stocking up on fly spray and mosquito coils, but savvy homeowners will also consider upgrading their homes with flyscreens.

Stopping flying pests from entering your home with flyscreens is a clean and environmentally friendly way to deal with them.

To make it easier for you, I list some of my favourite locations to purchase flyscreens in Adelaide.

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